Production takes place in the domain of tailoring, sewing, ironing, control and packing of clothes, as the final phase of the production process. The production is directed to children’s, women’s and men’s clothing such as T-shirts, children’s sets, pajamas, different types of nightwear, working clothes Etc.Constant investment in the machines for processing textile renowned manufacturers. These brands include JUKI, UNION-SPECIAL, BROTHER, RIMOLDI, YAMATO, PFAFF, VEIT and introduction of new technological methods contributes to quality results.
Our production is oriented mainly towards “Lohn Jobs”. In domestic markets we are producing promotional T-shirts, cotton shorts and various clothing made of quality materials under the brand of “M&J fashion”. The flexibility and organization of our company allows us to make both small and large orders, made with excellent productivity, to fully meet the needs of our partners.